Okay, so you have committed to an SKS birthday party for your child!

Thank you!

And congratulations! 

We have been helping families celebrate their children’s birthday parties for over 10 years and the feedback has always been very positive.

We want to make this a great experience for your child, as well as you, the parents.

What To Expect

By now you know most of the details of the party.

90 minutes

Age appropriate games

Martial Arts lesson

Breaking a real board

Cutting the cake with a real sword

2 slices of cheese pizza for the kids plus water

Lots of fun stuff……

We will provide tables and plates, napkins and plastic utensils.

Party Timeline

We will arrive at the dojo approximately 15-20 minutes before the party time so you are welcome to arrive early.  We will help with whatever set up assistance you need.  You are welcome to bring any special decorations, extra food, drinks, etc., for the kids or the adults…..we try to be very flexible.  If you need more time to set up, please let us know as early as possible so that we can plan accordingly.

We ask that the birthday parents help us register each guest.  For insurance purposes, we need each parent to sign a general waiver for their child to participate in the party.  We find this process goes more smoothly with a parent’s help.

We usually will start with the kids watching a movie or playing a game for a few minutes to accomodate any late comers to the party.  Generally the instructor will communicate with the parents when to start.

The instructor will manage the party, so you can sit back and enjoy!  Parents are allowed to participate and certainly are free to move about the dojo to take plenty of pictures and video.

Please let the instructor know if you would like to open gifts at the party as they will build time in at the end of the party for it.

When the birthday party is over, we will handle the clean up.

No tip is required, but the instructors always appreciate one if the experience warrants one.

What’s Not Included

Just as a quick reminder, parents provide the cake, special decorations, any additional food, treats or goody bags. (For the kids or grown ups).

Lastly, we really work hard to make this a family fun event! If there is a child that is being unruly or disruptive to the party, we ask that the parents help assist us.  This is rarely an issue, but every once in a while we get a sibling or friend that is too young to follow directions.

We want this to be a special experience for you and your child.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions…..we try to be very flexible.

Thank you again for choosing Samurai Karate Studio.

We promise to do our BEST to make this a fun and memorable experience for your child and for the family.