Here’s one of the surprising ways a highly motivated student quits karate forever…….


This is how the conversation normally goes:

We love our martial arts school!  It helped our children to be more confident, disciplined, focused and well behaved at home and school; to stand up to bullies and say “NO” to peer pressure…..  

Best of all they are getting some great exercise and really like it…..

We decided to take a little break during Summer because we go away a lot and the kids are pretty tired from attending camp all day; but we were definitely going to start back September 1st again…..

We are definitely coming back!  We are just waiting for our kids to settle into their new school routines…..

The holidays are coming up and we decided to try out football, but we plan on coming back after the New Year…..

The holidays were so busy and we finally have a breather, so we’ll wait to come back in Spring……

Summer is just around the corner and we will be away a week or two and the kids will be tired from camp…..

My kids used to participate in martial arts!  They loved it and they did great.  I am not really sure why we stopped?

Lesson Learned

We know from experience that when a student takes a break from their training longer than a month or two, it’s very difficult for them to return. 


They fall out of the routine of training….

Some of their friends may have advanced in rank and now they feel behind……

They didn’t practice while away, so they forget some of the curriculum and feel embarrassed……

Once parents give their kids the option to quit, they realize it’s much easier to quit, rather than persevere and do the work to insure they reach their original goal of becoming a Black belt.


It’s okay to take a limited break from your martial arts training, however, when the break is longer, here are some suggestions to help you make a successful return:

Try to make class, even on a limited basis.  This will help to maintain contact with their friends so they feel less out of touch.

Set up a practice schedule while you are away.  It doesn’t need to be hours of practice.  Just be sure to cover some aspect of the curriculum every other day for 10-20 minutes.

Schedule private lessons during summer when you are in town.  If your child is away a lot and can not attend the regular classes, consider some private lessons that can be scheduled at your convenience outside of normal class times.

Consider scheduling some private lessons prior to returning when school starts.  Private lessons can cover a lot more material and it’s possible with enough lessons, the student can receive their next belt so they don’t feel behind.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our instructors or set up an appointment with Sensei Feldt.