In conjunction with the new curriculum journals, I had plans on creating a valuable student resource called SKS University.

I had planned to build a separate website (which I started working on over the summer) but after talking to several parents and seeing some enhancements that Facebook has recently made, I have decided to make our Facebook private group our on-line university.

Most of my parents are already on Facebook and it’s easy to access from your phone and receive notifications as posts are made.

So, please disregard the website address that is posted in the current curriculum books.

Instead, be sure to go to our private group and ask to be invited into our group.  I have just renamed it as SKS University.

Here is the link to ask for an invite:

SKS University

Now, I know not everyone is on Facebook.

I plan to make this a valuable resource and I have to go where the reach is greatest.  Otherwise, it is just a waist of time!  Yes?

If you are concerned for your identity, feel free to make up a FAKE identity. If you email me and identify yourself I will approve your invitation.  We already have one student that does this currently and it works out just fine.

I encourage you to join and become an active member of this group.  Here’s what I have planned:

post documents and SKS policy, provide training tips, post articles relating to the martial arts and life skills, run surveys, post events, offer live video conferencing, recognize students…….and most importantly, something you all have asked for, to post video of the curriculum.

And the more my students and parents participate, the more valuable a resource this will be.

Lastly, while this group will be private, please know that loyal and supportive friends of the dojo, past and present will also be members.  I will also occasionally ask for referrals and if you know someone that would benefit from one of our programs and is a legitimate client or prospect, I will be happy to accept them in our group.

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