Just a reminder, all students who participate
in sparring must wear ALL of their safety

This includes mouth guard, cup and
supporter, for the appropriate sex.

This is Mandatory.

Truthfully, I strongly recommend that
males wear a cup and supporter for
every class.

It’s just good self defense.

All sparring safety gear must be purchased
through SKS, however, you do have
permission to purchase the cup, supporter
and mouth guard locally.

Some people prefer to buy a premium mouth
guard; and cup and supporters are available
everywhere for the same price as I can
purchase them for you.


For those of you that might be new, students
are eligible to spar when they join our leadership
program at the intermediate level.


Why This Policy?

Not that long ago, one of our male students
was struck in the groin by accident and to
put it mildly, I think he regrets he was not
wearing his cup!


Insurance companies have gotten much more
demanding, requiring students to wear all
of their safety gear while sparring.

So, SKS policy is……

If a student shows up for class but does not
have all of their safety gear, they will have
to watch from the sidelines.

Please understand, the safety of my students
is ALWAYS my #1 priority and this policy
serves this purpose.

If you have lost or out grown your cup,
supporter or mouth guard, I would be
happy to order a new one for you.  Just
let me know.

If you have any questions, please don’t
hesitate to ask me.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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