SKS Covid-19 Safety Protocols

The following will highlight our resumption of regular LIVE classes and the policies put in place to maximize everyone’s experience and safety during this Covid-19 pandemic.  Please note, in most instances, we have tried to meet or exceed the recommended guidelines.

Number of People Allowed In Dojo

Per the Governor’s guidelines, we are allowed a maximum number of 12 people at any one time in the dojo.

Based on the size of our training facility and the size of our training mat, we have made the decision to exceed the minimum social distance guidelines. We have created 9 spots on the mat, with each student having an approximate 10”x13” training area to themselves.

Class Registration Required

Since we have to control the maximum number of students allowed for each class, students must register for each class they wish to attend on any given day or week. Until the restrictions are lifted, we will have to use this system to make sure we don’t have too many students attending class on one particular day.

Students can register through our exclusive app on your smartphone, our click on the link that is posted in our private Facebook training group:  SKS Black Belt Student Training

Class attendance in person is NOT mandatory.

For those students that still might not feel comfortable participating in a live class, we will simulcast our classes via Facebook Live in our private Facebook training group, SKS Black Belt Student Training.

We will plan to only simulcast a class when we have in class student participation. We won’t announce the class times every day like we currently do. We will just set up the camera to record when we run a live class.

SKS Student Guidelines (Per Covid-19 Regulations)

1. Students should wear their uniform to class.

2. Students must enter and exit in separate locations.

To maximize social distancing, students will be asked to line up at our right front door (facing building) and wait for the instructor to open the door.

Please maintain social distancing outside the door.

3. A couple of minutes before the start of class, the instructor will take each student’s temperature with a no contact infrared thermometer, prior to being allowed into the dojo.

Students with a temperature 100 degrees or above, will not be allowed to enter.

4. Once a student enters the dojo, they will be asked to use hand sanitizer located on the front desk, or to wash their hands in the bathroom.

5. After hand sanitizing, students should pick a spot on the mat and stay in that position either sitting or standing.

6. During the entire class, students are asked to remain in their designated spot on the mat.

7. When class is dismissed, students will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before exiting the dojo from front door located on the right (looking out to the front parking lot).

Please, do not linger around the dojo. We need the time to prepare for the next class and we are trying to minimize the contact with the next group of students attending class.

8. Since we are not allowed to currently spar or partner up, students no longer need to bring their sparring gear.

On the days we work on our weapons curriculum, students are asked to bring their weapons to that class.

We will post the curriculum schedule in our private Facebook student group.

9. Students can use the lobby area to store any personal items (like shoes or weapons against the walls.

Please don’t block the front doors.

Right now, we are not using the shoe cubby. We are trying to keep students from wandering the dojo before and after class. If you need to use the bathroom, please use it quickly and return.

If students prefer, they may train in their socks if they would feel more comfortable.

Other Safety Measures – per guidelines

Students are asked to wear a mask while in the dojo – this is now mandatory per Columbia ordinance.

All SKS instructors will be required to wear a mask and do their best to maintain 6’ social distancing during class.

Students need to bring their own water bottles to class. The drinking fountain can only be used to refill your water bottles.

Students are not allowed to drink from the fountain.

The all-purpose room will be closed to all karate students.

Since we anticipate smaller classes, we will leave one restroom open. This will allow for easier disinfecting between classes.

Students are no longer allowed to share their training gear – this also includes SKS weapons that are on the wall or by the instructor desk. I have been asking students for some time now to please get current with their weapons. Now is a good time to visit our pro shop on the SKS student app. The curriculum book outlines weapon needs by belt rank.

We ask parents and siblings to please stay outside to minimize the number of people in the building.

For now, there will be no partner training.

Any equipment used during class will be wiped down between each class as well as door handles to the main doors, bathroom door, and sinks – high traffic touch points.

Instructors will inspect the mat for any disinfectant needs between classes.

The mats and floors will be disinfected each day after the last class.

High traffic touch points will also be wiped with a disinfectant after the last class.

Any students who are ill during class, will immediately be asked to leave the premises. Parents, please be sure you are available outside the dojo, or at least near a phone so the student doesn’t spend extra time waiting.

Anyone who has been ill, should be cleared by their doctor before attending class again.

We will not be using attendance cards, we will manually log attendance. However, going forward, belt rank advancement (requirement) is going to include class attendance. So if you attend via virtual class, it’s important you post your name to that class.

Finally, for those students who want to train, but our concerned about the group classes, and want more than virtual classes, we will provide private lessons as an option. Days and times are subject to instructor availability. Please notify us via email if that is what you prefer.

Last Thoughts

I am sorry for the long post, but I wanted you to know we are treating this modified opening seriously and want everyone to enjoy their training experience in an environment that is as safe as possible.

I look forward to seeing all of you!