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Congratulations!  If you are on this page, it’s probably because you have met the requirements to advance to your next belt rank – you will be ONE STEP closer to achieving your goal of Black belt!


General Information

Graduation promptly begins at 6:00 pm.  Our goal is to keep our graduation celebration to an hour. If you are late, please wait at the back of the mat until you are given permission to enter.

The doors will not open until 5:30 pm.  Sorry, but we often need the time to make the final preparations for graduation and we can’t have students being dropped off unsupervised.

Students must dress in their full uniform – please be sure it is clean and pressed.

Graduation Format – students line up, bow in, do a brief warm up and then we do a brief demonstration.  Then the belt ranks are awarded to each student, parents are then invited to come onto the mat to tie on the new belts, we finish with awards (if any) and bow out.

Graduation does get crowded – often standing room only.  We ask that all children give up their seats for adults.

Family and friends are invited to attend – please feel free to move around and take pictures.

Cheering is allowed!

Immediately following graduation students can have their pictures taken with Sensei Feldt or one of the other senior instructors or have their old belt autographed by Sensei Feldt.

If you intend on graduating, but miss our ceremony, please notify Sensei via email ([email protected]) before the event date.  Most students will receive their new belt rank the next class they attend.  The belt fee should be paid ahead of time.

Belt Fee

With the new SKS smartphone app, students can pay right on line through their phone.  Open your SKS app, click on the events tab, click on SKS Belt Graduations and then click on the date you are attending.

Or you can click on this link and pay online with your computer:  SKS Belt Graduation Payment


Immediately following this graduation, we will have our annual pot-luck supper.   Bring an appetizer, salad or desert and join us!