Did you know that SKS has its own App for your smart phone?

If you don’t have it on your phone, you are really missing out.

Here’s what your missing?

Events Tab

Want to know when the studio is closed for a holiday?

Want to know when the next Saturday bonus class is scheduled?

Want to know when’s the next seminar?

Or when the next belt graduation is planned?

The events tab lets you plan out in advance – and you have the ability to pay right through your phone if there is a fee involved.


While I still try to send out our news letter and updates via email, you can receive updates directly from your phone.

SMS messaging is so much more convenient – it’s instant and more reliable than email due to spam blockers.


This is still a work in progress, but did you know we have 95% of the curriculum posted in video format?

This is your very own private coaching lesson.

Can’t quite remember a form, or want to know what you will be working on for your next belt, now you can access our video library straight from your phone.


As some parents have done, they download the app on their Ipad so that their phone is not tied up looking at videos.


We have a referral tab to make it super convenient if you run into someone that might benefit from our training.  All you have to do is put in the person’s name, email and cell and we do the rest.

If they enroll in one of our regular programs, you get a $25 kickback on your next belt fee.


If you click on the upper left corner you will have easy access to our email, phone number, directions, social media sites, reviews, etc.

In the works

The software maker of this app is currently working on expanding the app’s use.

We will be able to take attendance, maintain belt rank records,  provide a store to purchase equipment and
lastly, they are building a client portal so that you can update your credit card, address, etc. when ever you want.

SKS App Directions

So, if you aren’t using the new SKS app, you will be missing out.

It’s super easy to download.

Go to the Apple or Google Play store, search for Samurai Karate Studio and download the app.

Be sure to check the box to receive messages.

Fill in your name, email address and the special code: 8034629425

You will have immediate access.

Please download the app today in order to take advantage of the benefits to having the app on your phone.