It’s hard to believe, but we are already a couple of weeks into the new school year!  It seems like summer just “flew by”.  Please take a moment to review our September notes.

This months curriculum calendar:


Forms & self defense

Week 2

Weapons training & mix

Week 3

Self Defense & basics

Week 4

Forms & sparring

Week 5

Self Defense Review

Note: beginner students will usually work on sparring drills when sparring is scheduled on the calendar.  Curriculum themes are subject to change based on student attendance and where I believe students need extra work.

Events – just so you know, most of the calendar events are already posted on our Samurai Karate Studio Facebook page if you want to plan your holiday schedules accordingly.

Parents Night Out

September Nuclear Dodgeball Cancelled due to lack of sign ups

Belt Graduation

Our next scheduled belt graduation is Friday, September 29th.

6:00 p.m. sharp

Students are expected to wear their full karate uniform and be on time.

Students will be notified via email of their graduation.

Cost: $50 payable on or before graduation

Columbus Day

There will be no classes, Monday, October 9th for the Columbus Day holiday.

Students are encouraged to make up this class during the week with either the beginner or intermediate classes.

Zombie PNO

Friday, October 13th

5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Costume contest

Pizza dinner and snack




You can purchase your PNO spot by clicking here: Night of The Zombie PNO




There will be no classes, Tuesday, October 31st due to the Halloween holiday.  Historically, very few students attended class this night and we now have a long standing tradition to close the dojo for the day to encourage a family night.

Character Theme

This month we will focus our attention on COURAGE.  Now that school is back in session, this is a perfect time to emphasize the need to have courage in the event a friend is being bullied in school.

Check out our Lobby TV for graphics as well as Facebook.

Other Notes

Back Door

Just as a quick reminder, all students are requested to park in the back of the building and enter through the red marked door.  Please be sure to keep the back door closed.  In the heat of the summer, we are letting out precious air conditioning and during the cold of winter we are letting in cold air.

Please help me to keep the back doors closed.

Curriculum Books

The new curriculum books have been ordered and I will have them available for sale beginning at belt graduation.

I have spent a little over 2 years working on the revisions and the design of the journals so that the curriculum is laid out in a very organized fashion.

I also went back to some of my old roots – I have added more terms and memory work to complete the students knowledge as it relates to their martial arts training.

Lastly, the new format, will greatly improve a student’s understanding of where they are in their belt advancement, giving them greater responsibility in insuring they are ready for their next belt.

I have given a few parents a sneak peek at the curriculum and the feedback has been fabulous.

In addition to the curriculum books, I have created a character themed manual that ties in with the junior curriculum manual.  There are 12 life skills and character themes, students will be responsible for completing short homework assignments.  To my knowledge, NO one in the Columbia area is doing this and including it as part of their students martial arts training!

All students will need to have a curriculum book and character workbook (character workbook is for students ages 12 and younger).

We will begin the new tipping and belt graduation process beginning October 1st.

More details will follow in class and in email.




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