The following students have been selected to attend belt graduation on Friday, September 29th at 6:00 p.m. to advance to their next martial arts belt.

As always, if you are not on this list but would like to attend graduation, you are always welcome.  While it is not mandatory, I think it’s great when students come and show their support for their fellow students.

Here is the 9-29 list:

Austin Dixon Purple Belt
Beth Neilsen Purple Belt
Brennan Mathews Brown belt w/red stripe
Brianna Schwarz Green Belt
Carson Marino White Belt w/orange stripe
Carter Smith White Belt w/green stripe
Christopher Neilsen White Belt w/green stripe
Daniel Matthews Brown Belt
Denzel Parker White Belt w/orange stripe
Eric D. Robinson Blue belt
Ethan Hill White Belt With Yellow Stripe
Evelyn A Figgures Green Belt
Hannah Way White Belt with Yellow Stripe
Hasani Armstrong Blue belt
Isaac Clark Brown belt w/green stripe
John Fischer Brown belt w/red stripe
Julian Tucker Blue belt
Loder Mull Red Belt
Madison Daniels Red Belt
Matthew Bouknight White w/double yellow stripe
Matthew Wooten White Belt with Yellow Stripe
Maya Harvey Brown belt w/green stripe
Michael Marin Purple Belt
Mizaiah Mason Brown belt w/green stripe
Omari Hamilton White Belt w/orange stripe
Owen Bettinger White Belt w/green stripe
Rudra Patel Orange Belt
Samuel Gibson Red Belt
Sophie Kot White Belt w/orange stripe
Thomas Eskelsen White w/double yellow stripe
Tilan Byrd White Belt w/orange stripe
Torien Byrd White Belt w/orange stripe
Trey Beck Red Belt
Zachary Neal Green Belt


Student Reminders……..

1.Please review the next belt rank immediately to insure it is the correct rank the student will be advancing too.  Please notify me immediately if there is a mistake by texting me at 803-361-2554.  I will do my best to get the correct belt in time for graduation.

2. Graduation will start promptly at 6:00 p.m.  Students who arrive late might have to wait before being allowed on the mat.

3. All students need to wear their full uniforms.  Please be sure they are clean and not dirty and wrinkled.

4. Summer reading and attendance winners will be announced at graduation.

Important Note:

Beginning this month, the $50 belt fee will be charged directly to your account.  The fee will be scheduled for draft on September 29th.

Most of you currently use this method and quite frankly, it is really difficult and time consuming for me to keep track of who has paid their fee, how they paid and when. Some pay early, some pay at graduation and I always seem to be following up with a few that have just forgot.  This way it is much more organized.

If this new process creates a problem for you, please be sure to see me at least 48 hours before graduation.

Hopefully this simplified process will save you time and effort as well as me.


Our new curriculum books have arrived.  Starting October 1st, students will be responsible for tracking their progress in their curriculum books and will need to be prepared to test for their next belt stripe.  More details will follow.  More details will follow.




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