One of our missions, if not THE most important mission here at Samurai Karate Studio, is the teaching and development of strong character and life skills that will help create excellent leaders in our martial arts school and community.

Over the years, I have seen first hand the benefits of martial arts training and the impact it can have on a student with their studies at school, success in college, advancement in their career; or simply, their improved relationships with their parents or spouses.

As part of our character development training, we currently have our Black Belt Excellence program, which is very popular with our parents.  Used consistently and correctly, it is a powerful tool for setting a high standard of behavior in our students.

But, I have also been looking for something that would do a better job emphasizing a monthly character theme and I believe I have found it.

I am excited to announce that we are adding an additional character development program at Samurai Karate Studio for all students called Superstar 4 Life.

Every season (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter), we will have a specific character theme we will be covering for a 12 week period.

Students and parents will have access to a Superstar 4 Life Mission worksheet. This handout is a great tool for educating yourself and your family on essential life skills. More importantly, these missions will help your child take the fantastic lessons we teach in the classroom and use them in the real world.

Each Superstar 4 Life handout has at least 15 missions that your child can do.

Each one of these missions are specifically designed to help students develop positive life changing habits of success. Students will earn points for each mission they accomplish, making it both challenging and fun.

When students turn in their Superstar 4 Life Missions two weeks prior to Graduation, they will be eligible to earn special bronze, silver or gold SuperStar 4 Life belt stripes, a limited edition SuperStar 4 Life wristband and if they earn a minimum of 50 points, they will receive an invitation for themselves and two of their closest friends to come to a VIP Pizza Party.

Pretty cool, huh?

Every season the missions will help enhance your child’s character in three main areas:

  1. Personal Development (both physically and mentally)

2. Community Involvement (home, school, work, etc.)

3. Martial Arts Training.

During each class we will share a lesson that touches on one of these key areas. We encourage you to listen closely so you can think about it and how you can take immediate action by applying it to your life or your child’s life.

If you are traveling with others in the car, having a meal together or just trying to come up with something to talk about, be sure to have a discussion about the life skill lesson and how it can help improve your life and the lives of those around you.

Remember, Leaders Are Readers!

We highly recommend you and your child review the missions together in the morning and at night (breakfast and dinner usually work best) 2-3 times per week.

Your participation will help make a monumental impact on your child and the future of their success. This is an activity that is fun for the whole family and will help bring everyone closer together.

Our first character theme will be: BE YOUR BEST

See you on the mat,

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