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At Samurai Karate Studio, we invite our parents to sit and watch class while their child is training.

Of course, we don’t make this mandatory.

However, over the years, I have seen first hand how the most successful students are often the ones who’s parents watched the majority of their child’s classes.

Some parents are so into the training, that I think they could come onto the mat and demonstrate a certain form or technique. LOL.

So, I am always loathe to bring this up, but it’s important to remind parents that there is to be No Coaching From The Sidelines during class.

I am not talking about the occasional eye contact – which can convey a multitude of messages…..

And I am not talking about the parents who clap and cheer when we are doing a drill and they want to offer encouragement.  In fact, I love that….

And I am not talking about the student who takes a water break and Mom or Dad gives them some encouragement as they are sipping their drinks.

What am I talking about then?

I am really talking about the parent that is coaching from the sidelines – the one that is trying to correct bad behavior by talking to their child while class is in session. Often times the parent is giving instructions on better focus, or criticizing push ups, or are being critical of the height of their kicks. etc.

I think you know what I mean.

If I can hear these parents giving out corrections, then I am sure the other students and parents can hear it as well.

When your child is on the mat, remind them the focus should be on me or the instructor.

I know it’s hard not to coach – I have 3 boys that played multiple sports in addition to training in Karate and I struggled terribly not to shout out instructions or encouragement.  In my defense, it was usually in a big gym or out on a playing field, along with other parents shouting… it seemed like my boys never heard me.

Either that or they just plain ignored me! LOL.

I fully understand wanting your child to look good.

However, when they are on the mat, it’s my time. 

If there is an issue you would like me to address, please feel free to approach me.  You can call me at 803-462-9425 or email me at: [email protected]

In fact, I am working with several parents and together we are addressing a specific issue (sometimes multiple) during class or even outside of our martial arts school.  The more I understand your concerns, the better I will be able to assist your child (probably quicker too).

I am a BIG believer in the process of the martial arts and how it develops confidence and strong character, but we can make your experience even stronger if we work together.

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About SKS

samurai karate studio, chris feldt, Sensei Chris Feldt is the owner and chief instructor of Samurai Karate Studio, a leadership academy located in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina. His school teaches karate to children and adults ages 4 and up. SKS specializes in self-defense, anti-bullying, stranger danger and character and leadership development.Samurai Karate Studio, Columbia, SC, karate, martial arts, tae kwon do, jujitsu, grappling best of columbia award

Mr. Feldt was an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina for college credit in karate and self-defense. Samurai Karate Studio has been recognized as a leader in martial arts instruction by being honored with the Best of Columbia Award for 5 consecutive years in a row.

Sensei Feldt has been a guest speaker in the Richland 2 School District covering school talks on stranger danger, anti-bullying strategies, kindness, and making good choices. He is available for both private and corporate self-defense seminars.

Samurai karate studio, bullyingSamurai Karate Studio is also a proud member of MAAB, Martial Artists Against Bullying, a nationwide program made up of martial arts schools throughout the country that are committed to helping children who are victims of bullying. If you or someone you know is being bullied, we are here to help. But, you have to take the first step and either call us at 803-462-9425 or email us at: [email protected]

Bullying is one of the most serious issues we face today and with the right coaching, students can learn how to defeat the bully using non-violent strategies.


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