When you’re recovering from an injury you suffered in an accident, your world can feel like it was flipped upside down. You might be struggling with medical bills and other mounting expenses, waiting for your case to resolve so you can start paying them back.

It is important for your physical and mental health that you continue taking care of yourself while you recover from your injury. This goes beyond attending doctor appointments and receiving medical treatments. This means eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy outlook, learning coping skills, and keeping your body fit to the best of your ability through exercise. As an accident victim, this last self-care task can be difficult. Ask your burn injury lawyer for recommendations for gyms and fitness classes. You don’t have to be confined to a gym to have an effective workout regimen – consider joining a karate school.

Karate for Physical Recovery

Training karate can help you build strength, increase your muscle tone, develop greater flexibility and balance, and burn fat.  When you’re recovering from an injury, these benefits manifest in different ways. Building muscle tone and flexibility can help you avoid facing muscular atrophy from being immobile for a prolonged period of time. Burning fat in high-energy karate classes can also help you avoid obesity, a condition that can affect accident victims who are immobilized by their injuries.

Karate for Mental Health

Karate can also benefit your mental health. Often, meditation, respect for elders and classmates, and a focus on self-discipline are key parts of a karate program. By actively practicing these during regular classes and in your spare time between classes, you can internalize them to make them more prominent in your everyday life.
As we mentioned above, karate can help you become more balanced. We didn’t just mean making it easier to stand on one foot – karate training can also help you feel more mentally balanced. It can help you focus on specific goals and zone in on the steps you need to complete to achieve them. It can also help you develop new priorities and reevaluate your old ones.

The physical and mental benefits of karate can both lead to another benefit: self-confidence. As you feel your body change from regular karate training, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to set and achieve goals and your ability to stand up for yourself in a conflict if necessary.

Making Karate Part of your Healthy Lifestyle

If you continue training karate, you’ll see significant changes to your body and your mental state.
You might even find yourself identifying and working toward new goals, like becoming a black belt or competing in karate competitions. Your karate teacher can help you determine whether specific goals are realistic considering your injury. He or she can then help you work toward them. Even if you don’t identify specific karate goals, you can continue to reap the benefits of doing martial arts for years to come.

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