1. Burglaries go up after Halloween. Keep high value objects out of sight and keep your garage door closed so people can’t get an up close look at your valuables..

2. Post “property under surveillance and beware of dog” signs. Even if you don’t have these a potential thief may not want to return to your house.

3. Leave the lights on.  Be sure to turn as many outside lights on that you have.  Minimize dark shadow areas around your home that make it easy for thief’s to conceal themselves.

4. Children should stay clear from walking behind vehicles. Many vehicles have to back out of the driveway by crossing a pedestrian sidewalk. Children, especially small children, are very hard to see if to close to the vehicle that is backing up.

5. Listen for barking dogs and stay a safe distance from the door after knocking, not ALL dogs are friendly.

6. Always inspect your bag of candy when you return home. Look for any partially opened packages, pin holes in wrappers or anything that looks tampered with.