With the massive jump in active shooters and workplace violence, organizations are finding creative ways to offer expert training for employees and agents.

According to COBRA-Defense CEO and Founder Chris Sutton, there are three ways organizations are leveraging their live workshops.

“1.  We’ve structured our programs so that organizations can offer CEUs for participants.

2.  They are also using our training, specifically our active shooter training, as a team building event.

3.  Of course, the third reason is the most important. This training can save lives.”

COBRA-Defense, a global safety and self-defense training organization, has seen a significant increase in demand for their training programs so far in this year.

Organizations ranging from The Kentucky Real Estate Commission to the National Certification Board for Massage Therapists have hosted COBRA-Defense training workshops that earned participants CEUs.

Sutton says, “The training is exciting, engaging, and actually lots of fun. That creates a strong team building component. The CEUs are also a nice bonus for participants and the self-defense skills are with the participants 24/7. They don’t stay in the office. That’s the most important takeaway.”

Samurai Karate Studio is the only school in the area, that is certified to teach the C.O.B.R.A. Active Shooter strategies.

We have hosted security guards, to churches, to businesses and families.

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