Dear Students and Parents,

We’re all concerned about the spread of Coronavirus….it’s on the minds of both adults and kids.

With the non-stop media coverage and supplies flying off the shelves of our local stores, we know there’s a lot of fear in our community.

Like ALL things self defense, a little bit of paranoia can be healthy, however, according to everything I have seen on the news, the risk is  relatively low, especially in a small group setting like ours.

Please know that we work really hard to keep a clean dojo at SKS – we always have…..we pride ourselves that we don’t smell like a gym!

For your information……

We routinely disinfect the training mats and floors…..

We routinely wipe down and disinfect high traffic areas…

We routinely clean and disinfect the bathrooms, water fountain, shoe cubbies, etc.

Starting this week, we will provide a bottle of hand sanitizer on top of the shoe cubby as you enter the back door. Students and parents are welcome to use it before and after class.

(Just as a side note, if anyone has a spare bottle they wouldn’t mind sharing, I would appreciate it. Everywhere I went this past weekend was sold out. Please reach out to me, otherwise I will continue to look for more.)

Starting this week, we will wipe down any pads or other training equipment that is used. We have always routinely wiped the pads down, but we will try to be more consistent.

We want everyone to know we will do our best to always provide a healthy training environment.

However, we can’t do it alone. Good self defense takes a TEAM effort.

What Students/Parents Can Do?

No matter what we do, we still need our parents and students to work with us in keeping a healthy environment.

Here’s a couple of reminders of what you can do:

Wash hands before and after coming to class. Be sure to use soap and wash for at least 20-30 seconds.

For now, please leave your curriculum books at home. We have a complete journal on the glass case to reference.

Please limit time in the ALL Purpose room. There is a lot of equipment in there and we want to keep it as germ free as possible.

For now, we are asking students to no longer share their weapons or sparring gear.

I am also asking that the spare weapons on the wall NOT be used.

For several months now, I have been reminding those students who do not have the weapons needed for their next belt rank, to go to our SKS app and purchase them on-line.

Now is a good time to do that.

If you don’t have the appropriate weapon, it’s very hard to practice without it.

For now, open hand technique is allowed in place of the weapon.

For now, I’m asking students not to shake hands or high 5 with fellow students or instructors. Bowing is always the preferred greeting or acknowledgement.

Avoid touching your face (mouth, eyes, nose).

If you sneeze or cough, please be sure to cover your mouth using your elbow when possible. You have permission to leave the mat to wash your hands if necessary. (Just raise your hand and let the instructor know.)

If you or your child are sick, better to err on the side of caution and miss class for a day or two until you are feeling better. As a courtesy, drop me a quick email or text.

Now more than ever, if you show any symptoms or have a fever, please consult with your doctor.

I know many of you might feel these steps are overly cautious, however, I believe if we work together, we can maintain a healthy environment and enjoy our training.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let me know or post here.

Thanks again for your continued support! ❤️


About SKS

Christopher Feldt, Samurai Karate Studio, Karate, Martial Arts, Active Shooter, Self Defense, Columbia, South CarolinaSensei Chris Feldt is the owner and chief instructor of Samurai Karate Studio, a leadership academy located in Northeast Columbia, South Carolina. His school teaches karate to children and adults ages 4 and up. SKS specializes in self-defense, anti-bullying, stranger danger and character and leadership development.

Christopher Feldt, Samurai Karate Studio, Karate, Martial Arts, Active Shooter, Self Defense, Columbia, South Carolina, Best Of Columbia

Mr. Feldt was an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina for college credit in karate and self-defense. Samurai Karate Studio has been recognized as a leader in martial arts instruction by being honored with the Best of Columbia Award for martial arts instruction for 8 consecutive years in a row.

Sensei Feldt is a certified instructor for group and personal protection training. SKS offers Active Shooter Training, Real Estate Safety, 10 Week Self Defense Academies, Bully Workshops, and Child Safety Camps.

We also provide corporate safety training.

Sensei Feldt has been a guest speaker in the Richland 2 School District covering school talks on stranger danger, anti-bullying strategies, kindness, and making good choices. He is available for both private and corporate self-defense seminars

Samurai Karate Studio is also a proud member of MAAB, Martial Artists Against Bullying, a nationwide program made

Bullying,Christopher Feldt, Samurai Karate Studio, Karate, Martial Arts, Active Shooter, Self Defense, Columbia, South Carolina, Best Of Columbia, C.O.B.R.A.

up of martial arts schools throughout the country that are committed to helping children who are victims of bullying. If you or someone you know is being bullied, we are here to help. But, you have to take the first step and either call us at 803-462-9425 or email us at: [email protected]

Bullying is one of the most serious issues we face today and with the right coaching, students can learn how to defeat the bully using non-violent strategies.


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